Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Gas Furnace in Good Condition

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Most homeowners will expect their gas furnace to provide them with service for a significantly long period of time. However, if you do not take the appropriate measures to ensure that it stays in optimal condition, then your furnace will face inevitable disrepair which will translate into exorbitant costs for you. As such, heating contractors recommend various things that you should do to ensure that you keep your gas furnace up and running and reduce the instances that would require professional repair.

Regularly clean out the filter system

The filter of your gas furnace works toward preventing any debris and other particles from accumulating in the heating system. However, after extended use and insufficient cleaning, these filters will eventually be too full and will begin to be clogged up. A dirty filter will not provide any protection to your gas furnace, as it will release the dirt back into your home and put and your loved ones at risk for respiratory ailments. As such, it is always best to ensure that the filters are kept clean on a regular basis. If they cannot be cleaned, make sure to have them replaced on a regular schedule to prevent pollutants from backing up your system and being dispersed into your residence's air.

Regularly clean the blower assembly

The blower makes up part of the filter system of your gas furnace. This component is usually ignored, as homeowners will concentrate more on keeping their filters clean rather than focus on the entire mechanism. When dirt and grime get past the air filters, they make their way into the blower system. This means that over time, there will be particles that have accumulated on the pulleys, the blower, and the belts that comprise this assembly. If left undeterred, the dirt will eventually inhibit the efficiency of the blower assembly, hence affecting the overall functionality of your gas furnace. Regularly take a moistened cloth to wipe down these components to ensure that they stay clean.

Regularly clean the vents

Another overlooked aspect of the gas furnace system are the vents. These vents work to provide the appropriate ventilation for the furnace system while it is in use. However, just as dirt and debris eventually get to the blower assembly, you can also expect that grime will eventually accumulate on these vents. If left unchecked, the vents become blocked and the furnace system will not have any way of getting ventilation.

For more help, contact a trustworthy heating contractor to inspect troublesome areas of your gas furnace.